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Watertown Youth Hockey Introduces Our New U8 Program


Introduction to Hockey (formerly Learn to Skate Program)

This is the first step to becoming a hockey superstar!  The goal of a player enrolled in “Intro to Hockey” is to learn the foundation of hockey…the most basic skating skills and progressing to using a hockey stick.  All first-timers to WYHA should sign up here.  Coaches will work with skaters in a variety of ways, including:

  • Using a pusher to learn inside edge pushing ability.
  • Learning how to get up from a fall without the pusher.
  • Learning how to release from a pusher to glide or skate without assistance.
  • Learning the difference between and “inside” and “outside” edge.
  • Potentially learning the basics of stopping, tight turning and backwards skating.
  • Holding a stick properly and performing basic stick skills.
  • Learning a love for the game.


Intro to Hockey is an abbreviated season, starting in early November and wraps up in February.  There are typically two practices weekly and they are 45 minutes in length.

The cost is incredibly low for the amount of ice time. Fees are $250 for the season. 


Jr. Red Wings (expansion of Learn to Play Program)

The next step in developing a WYHA player is the Jr. Red Wings.  The major difference in programming is the increase in ice time.  This is  now a full season program, starting in mid-September like every other WYHA team.  The season also ends in late February like all teams.  Here are some highlights from the JRW’s:

  • Full-Season (Sept-Feb)
  • 3 Sessions per week (most weeks)
  • At least one cross-ice game each week
  • More station specific skill work in line with USA Hockey’s Developmental Model

The cost of JRW’s is $750.


The last step in the U8 development is Mites.  Mites is split into A, B and C.  The Mite level adds in another day per week, making it usually 4 sessions per week for a full season.  Mites will skate together for the first few months of the season to refresh and build on a solid foundation of skating and skills. (This will always be the focus!) 


Here are some differences you can expect between the Mite levels:

  • MITE A
    • 4 Total sessions per week (most weeks), emphasizing skill development at all times
    • 1-2 Cross-Ice games per week in November and December
    • A mixture of Cross-Ice and 6 Full-Ice games in January-February
    • Participation in the year-end CHC Mite Tournament
    • Preparation for the Squirt evaluation held after the completion of the season
  • Mite B
    • 4 Total sessions per week (most weeks), emphasizing skill development at all times
    • 1 Cross-Ice game per week in November-December
    • 1-2 Cross-Ice games per week in January-February
    • Year-End CHC Jamboree
  • Mite C
    • 4 Total sessions per week (most weeks), emphasizing skill development at all times
    • Cross-Ice will remain TBD until the season is underway…this is the first year of Mite C!
    • The cost of participation in the Mite program is $1,100.


Registration for the Introduction to Hockey Program and the Junior Red Wing Program will open very soon. 





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