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Tryout Results
Hello Watertown Youth Hockey Families.  Here are the results...
Tryout Selection Process
To all players and families trying out for a travel hockey team (Squirt...
Mite Evaluation Results
Hello Watertown Hockey families. We would like to thank all the...
State of the Organization
Good Morning Watertown Families   Last night, the 2014-2015...
New 8 and Under Program
Hello Watertown Youth Hockey Families.  Watertown Youth Hockey...
John H. Cassidy Jr. Memorial Scholarship
John H. Cassidy Jr. Memorial Scholarship Applications Due...
Tryout Results

Hello Watertown Youth Hockey Families.  Here are the results from last weeks Travel team tryout sessions.  We will be holding two commitment days.  One will be Saturday 4/11 and the other will be Sunday 4/12.  The exact times and location will be known shortly.  At the commitment day, Hamden Sports will be on site to size jerseys and other equipment for next season.  All players will sign a commitment letter and pay a $250 deposit for next seasons fee.


Thank you to all players and families for trying out and we are excited to see you all at Commitment Day.



Squirt B1 team:

Head Coach:  TBD
Daniel C
Jack B
Gavin M
Juliana M
William B
Campbell B
Owen B
Steven K
Sean C
Alex R
Richard S
Jack S
Trevor L
Squirt B team:
Head Coach:  Jason Falk
Travis F
Evan D
Kayli H
Kate C
Tommy F
Josh G
Logan C
Joe M
Logan B
Luke H
Mason P (Goalie)
Squirt A team:
Head Coach:  Jack Kennerson
Alexander K
Gregory T
Nick B
Jack M
Jackson H
Mason L
Liam M
David B
Qaiden G
Tyler P
Mason S
Colin L
Tyler P (Goalie)
Pee Wee B1
Head Coach:  Larry Erickson
Carl C
John C
Samantha E
Sami F
Ethan G
Nathan L
Alex L
Henry M
Elly M
Anthony P
Ryan R
Thomas S
Christopher S
Brandon H (Goalie)
Pee Wee B:
Head Coach:  Shaun Gallagher
Khal B
Emma G
Abby G
Daniel G
Everett G
Ryan H
Kolin K
Brady M
James P
Sam S
James J
Steven L
Mark B
Jack D
Owen G (Goalie)
Quinn T (Goalie)
Pee Wee A:
Head Coaches:  Steve Haigh / Chuck Leonard
Spencer A
Nick B
Thomas G
Michael H
Tommy L
Joey M
Drew Z
Luke Z
Matt P
Eric G
Aidan K
Marley B
Robert L
Bethany K (Goalie)
Bantam B:
Head Coach:  Mike Nihill
Zachary C
Dylan D
Donovan D
Ryan F
Kyle K
Quinn M
Mathew M
Peter M
Joseph N
Jake S
Tyler W
Patrick B
Alex T (Goalie)
Bantam A:
Head Coach:  Steve Silverman
Jackson B
Kyle B
Coleby B
Sean D
Sean D
Owen D
Hunter K
Hunter A
Tim L
Ryan M
Harrison M
Jack S
Jason S (Goalie)
Ryan K (Goalie)

by posted 03/28/2015
Tryout Selection Process

To all players and families trying out for a travel hockey team (Squirt through Bantam) for the 2015-2016 season,

We would like to inform all players and families about the team selection process. The goal of the selection committee is to field the strongest and most competitive “A” team while properly placing skaters at their appropriate skill level.

 The selection committee is made up of the following people:

Dan Murphy – Taft Boys Varsity Head Coach

 Dan played on two Division II New England Championship Ice Hockey teams (1986-87 & 1988 – 89) and one Division II New England Finalist Ice hockey team (1987 – 88).  At The Gunnery, Coach Murphy was drafted in the fifth round with the 102nd pick overall by the Boston Bruins in the 1988 National Hockey League Entry draft.  In addition, he also earned a full scholarship in the fall of the same year to play hockey for the legendary Shawn Walsh at the University of Maine.  At the University of Maine, Dan was a member of two Hockey East Finalist teams (1989 – 90 & 1990 – 91) and two Hockey East Championship teams (1991- 92 & 1992 – 93).  During his four years as a member of the “Black Bears,” he was an assistant captain and also played in four NCAA tournaments and two Final Four Tournaments, earning a National Championship in 1993, with a final record of 42 – 1 – 2.


Gretchen Silverman – 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist and Currently the Taft  Girls Varsity Head Coach

                 Gretchen won a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics. She was a member of the U.S. women’s National Teams in ’94, ’95 and ’97.  Captain of Dartmouth Big Green’s women's hockey team in ’93-’94, she remains the program's all-time leading scorer with 189 goals and 312 points.   Gretchen has coached at all levels from Learn to Skate through High School and has been a member of the Watertown organization since 2007.


Pete Whitney - Director of Player Development, Watertown Youth Hockey

                  Current Associate Head Coach, The Gunnery School

 5 time West Champions, 3 Final four appearances NEPSAC Elite 8 Tournament

  Former Regional Scout, Indiana Ice (USHL),

 Current Pro Scout CMG Sports

 Former Head Coach CCSU 

 2 NECHA Championships 1996, 1997

 1 Super East Championship 1999

 5 National ACHA Tournament Appearances 1997, 1998,1999,2000,2002

  Former Head Coach WYHA Midget program

2 State of Connecticut Full Season Midget Championship teams in 2003, 2006. NEMHL regular season league champions 2006.

2006-2007 USA Hockey Coaches Certification Instructor

 2007-2008 USA Hockey Evaluator for select 15 festival NY district.

 2011 -  Evaluator USA Hockey Yankee festival 14’s.  Coach Select 15’s Yankee Festival, Tournament Champions.  

Coach USA Hockey Select 14 festival, Rochester, NY.

 Evaluator USA Hockey Yankee Festival for 95, 96 and 97 birth years.

2012 Evaluator Yankee Festival 00, 99 and 98 birth years. Coach USA Hockey Yankee Festival 99 birth year.

 2013 Evaluator Yankee Festival 96 and 97 birth years        Coach USA Hockey Yankee Festival 99 birth year Assistant to the Director of Admissions for Athletic Recruiting at the Gunnery School


Jared Waimon - Owner of Pro Crease Goaltending

 Jared has been a goaltending coach for 10 years. He is one of four coaches in the nation to have an official goaltending title with USA Hockey as a Regional Mentor for the Warren Strelow Goaltending Program. He is the goaltending coach for Trinity College, Avon Old Farms, and Westminster Prep Schools.


Bob McCoy - Coaching Director, Watertown Youth Hockey

Bob is currently the Coaching Director for Watertown Youth Hockey.  Bob has been involved with the Watertown organization for many years as a Coach, a Board Member and as the CHC representative. Bob is also currently the Head coach of the Watertown Bantam A team and the top Polar Bear  girls U-14 Team.  Bob is also the former Girls Varsity Head Coach at the Gunnery School.

Shaun Gallagher –  Watertown Youth Hockey Mite Director and

                             Currently Head Coach for Ridgefield High School Boys Varsity team


Larry Erickson, President of the Watertown Youth Hockey Association, will take part in the Evaluation process as a liaison to the Board of Directors of Watertown Youth Hockey.

The selection committee will evaluate players during play in small area games and full ice situations. Players will be assessed on their skating skills, stick handling, shooting ability, intensity, and hockey sense. 

Goalies should tryout with their age groups at all sessions and will also have a goalie specific evaluation.

At the Squirt and Pee Wee level, the first two tryout sessions will be comprised of all players trying out including goalies.  Some players may not be asked back to the third session in order to allow the selection committee to focus on the borderline players at each level.  Some of the top A team players, some of the middle B team players and some of the lower B1 players may be asked to not participate in the final session.

At the Bantam level, due to the number of players expected to tryout, all players will be admitted to all three tryout sessions.  These sessions will be comprised of all skaters and goalies. 

The selection committee will pick what they feel is the most competitive “A” team possible at each level.  When deciding to place players, other factors will be considered in addition to the player’s performance in the tryouts.  Each coach from the 2014-2015 season will be submitting a written evaluation of their players to the selection committee so that consideration may be made to the previous season’s achievements for each player.   A player’s previous coaches may also be contacted directly by the selection committee if further input is needed. 

No player is guaranteed a spot on any team based on their placement from the previous year.

After the “A” team is selected at each level, most players are then placed on a “B” team.  At the squirt and pee wee levels, there may be more than one team in addition to the “A” team.  One of the teams will be a “B” team and the other will be a development team (C team or B1 team).   At the Bantam level, if the numbers are able to support two teams, there will be an “A” team and a “B” team.  It is also possible that a player whose skill level does not warrant being placed on a travel team may be cut from a B or B1 level team.

It will be extremely difficult for a player that does not attend  the scheduled tryouts to make the A team, and will most likely be placed on the B team or B1 team.  Under extenuating circumstances, the selection committee and the board reserve the right to place any player they see fit on the A team, if all parties feel that is where the player belongs.   All players that wish to be placed on a Watertown Youth Hockey Travel team in the Squirt through Bantam levels, must pay the tryout fee, regardless of whether the skater attends the tryouts. 


Dan Murphy will not be involved in the Squirt Selection process

Shaun Gallagher will not be involved in the Pee Wee Selection process

Gretchen Silverman will not be involved in the Bantam Selection Process




This year, Watertown Youth Hockey will not require a commitment letter prior to tryouts.  The selection committee will pick the teams and post them on the website.  When the teams are announced, Watertown Youth Hockey will hold two “Commitment Day” events approximately one week after teams are announced.  All players must attend one of the Commitment Day events to secure their roster spot with a non-refundable $250 deposit.  At Commitment Day, Hamden Sports will be on site to fit jerseys and other equipment for next season.

Good luck to all the players trying out for the 2015-2016 season.


Thank You,

Watertown Youth Hockey Association

by posted 03/19/2015
Mite Evaluation Results

Hello Watertown Hockey families.

We would like to thank all the families that participated in the Mite Evaluations.  All the children did a great job.  Here are the results of the Evaluations:




R. Rubo                 H. Keil            G. Bertuglia       M. Collins
N. Flynn                C. Cicchetti      J. Boyce            T. Gallagher
A. Oliveira             A. DeLuca        Z. Calore           A. DelCarmine   
B. Schiavo             A. Leonard       L. Flanagan       L. Rubbo
C. Cosgriff             L. Lupo            A. Freer            T. LaMadeleine
M. Schimenti         S. DeSimone    U. Linn              C. Cruess
A. Brown               J. LaPointe       W. Mowrey
A. Howell               L. Miller           W. Pekari
J. Leary                 L. Pashaian      B.  Stanton        C. Segers



Junior Red Wings:


Altamirano, C          Czyzycki, L           Bashawaty, K
Clifford, M               Dunbar, N            Bertuglia, R
Maton, B                 Greenwood, A       Dunbar, Z
Packett, C               Marshall, N           Pieger, J
Strub, E                  Miller, J                Pinho, H
Rogers, R                Mowrey, D           Shanski, R
Tessier, C                Tessier, M            Tompkins, B
Wallace, T               Thompson, C        Wagner, K


We are looking forward to our revamped 8 and Under program.  We know we have a great group of skater and can not wait for next season to begin.


Thank you,


Watertown Youth Hockey



by posted 03/18/2015
State of the Organization

Good Morning Watertown Families


Last night, the 2014-2015 season finally came to an end.  I wanted to take this opportunity to write to our organization, and give you all a “State of the Organization” email.   We all have so much to be proud of from this past season, and I would like to share with you my thoughts.


Over the last several years, we have listened to the feedback regarding the inconsistent look of our teams.  Several of our teams had 3 different “looks”, and our first task this year was to correct this.   We have heard so much positive feedback regarding our new look.   Whether it be our current parents, or opposing coaches, the feedback on our unified look was extremely positive.  I was so happy that we could make this long awaited correction.


Our Learn to Skate had over 60 kids.  I would like to thank Mike Carrington for taking the lead in helping the kids first learn to step on the ice.   In addition, I want to thank Tom LaPointe and Dan Calore, who led a group of Learn to Play kids and got them ready for the next level.


Our Mites, led Dan Murphy, Shaun Gallagher, Chuck Leonard, and Ken Keil showed the most improvement I have ever seen in a group of kids.  To watch the kids grow throughout the year was a very special thing.   Our Mites ended the year with skills that will prepare them well going into next season.  I would also like to congratulate them for finishing second in their CT State Tournament.   We all need to remember, Mites is not about winning or losing.  Mites is all about having fun and developing our future players.  Hockey is a marathon, not a sprint, and I could not be prouder of how we have embraced the USA Hockey model unlike some other organizations out there.


On the Squirt level, we had the growth to allow us to field three teams.  Our Squirt B1, led by Ron Henderson,  and our Squirt B team led by Jason Faulk, both had seasons that had the kids working more as a team, and clearly having lots of fun.  Our Squirt A team, led by Steve Haigh, became stronger each day, and really began to gel towards the end of the season.  The kids fought their hearts out in the finals of their tournament and fell just short in an amazing game.  It was great to see the skills develop so rapidly in this group of kids.


At the PeeWee level, once again, growth allowed us to field three teams.   The PWB1, led by myself and Drew Gallagher had so much fun.  They were a great group of kids, who, in the end, played their hearts out and made the crossover of their State Tournament.   Our PeeWee B team, led by Mike Nihill, were one of the most competitive B teams WYHA has seen in a long time.  Mike & his assistants coached the kids to an incredible season which ended up in a loss in the semi-finals of the State Tournament.   On the PeeWee A level, I had the pleasure of watching their state final game Sunday night.   Coach Gretchen Silverman & her assistants assembled a group of kids who grew together as a single unit, and fell just short of pulling off the Tier 3 championship Sunday night after beating the #1 seeded Wonderland team in double overtime earlier that day.


Our Bantam B team, led by Chuck Leonard & his assistants were the definition of a team who hit its full potential every single week.   They started the team short players…..went through the season short players…..and ended the year short players.   The effort and results were 100% all of the time by every member of the team.  They ended the season going 2-1 in the state tournament which his an amazing accomplishment.  At the Bantam A level, Jack Kenerson & his assistants led a team to the first undefeated CHC season I can ever remember for a Watertown team.  They had an amazing season!!  If it wasn’t due to some unfortunate injuries, I bet they would have gone all the way !!


Our Midgets, led by Bob McCoy & his assistants , won every tournament they could.  They captured 3 tournament titles this year dominating their competition.  The only loss that still bothers coach McCoy was the drubbing they took against the Watertown coaches team!!!


Our Thanksgiving Tournament was, once again, a huge success!!  I cannot thank you all enough for all of the time and volunteerism that went into this event.  Without all of you, this event would never be one of the best Thanksgiving tournaments in the State.


Over New Years, we got to spend time as a Watertown family in Lake Placid.  The setting was beautiful, and all of our teams played well..  We had several teams make it to the finals.  While we didn’t pull out a champion, what we did do was have an incredible time as an organization.  As we all know, it’s not just about the hockey……its about spending time with family and friends!!


Many teams in youth hockey will say they focus on “winning” or focus on “developing skills”.  I am so proud that our organization focuses on the things that many of you have told me is most important…..that being having fun, getting better, and, most importantly learning how to be a great friend, teammate, and being part of a “family”.    This was never more true than we wrapped our arms around a Watertown family in need for a benefit game –vs- the Watertown Fire Department.  We all know that it is about more than hockey!  Its about being there for each other and teaching our kids about the important things in life!


As we move into next year, we have many things to be excited about.  Our new 8 and under program is being redesigned under the leadership of our Mite director, Shaun Gallagher.  Our new Introduction to Hockey will be run by Ken Keil.  We will once again be fielding 3 Squirt, and 3 Pee Wee teams, along with two Bantam teams, and our full season Midget team.  I am happy to announce that we have grown to the point where we are adding a split-season Midget team.  


Next season is looking to be better than ever!!   I wish everyone good luck in tryouts next week, then hopefully some time with the skates “hung up” to enjoy some other activities for a while.


It is an honor to lead an organization made up of such wonderful families.  We are a hockey organization ……….AND SO MUCH MORE !!!



by posted 03/18/2015
New 8 and Under Program

Hello Watertown Youth Hockey Families. 

Watertown Youth Hockey is pleased to announce that there will be a complete overhaul of the 8 and Under program for the upcoming 2015-2016 hockey season.  The 8 and Under program will begin with Intro to Hockey.  Players will then progress to the Junior Redwings Program.  The final stage of the 8 and Under program will be the Mites.
Intro to Hockey will be comprised of a Saturday and a Sunday session (most weeks) beginning at the end of October.  A portion of the ice will be dedicated to players learning to Skate and a portion to players that have progressed to using a stick. 
The Junior Redwings will skate 3 times a week beginning in September.   The Junior Redwings will have two practice sessions per week and play in-house cross ice games on Sundays.  As with all of our teams, January and February occasionally may not allow for the third ice slot. 
The Mites will skate 4 times per week beginning in September.  The Mite A and Mite B teams will play one travel cross ice game per week beginning in October or November.  The Mite C team will participate in the in-house cross ice with the Junior Redwings and may play some travel cross ice games toward the end of the season.  We will have 3 mite teams as long as our numbers support 3 teams.  The Mite A team will probably play full ice games beginning in January if CHC is granted the waiver to conduct full ice games.  As with all of our teams, January and February occasionally may not allow for the fourth ice slot.
The goal of the revamped 8 and Under program is to develop our young skaters and provide them with a great foundation for future success in hockey.  This is done by using USA Hockey's ADM program to teach players all the necessary skills to enjoy hockey for a lifetime.   The amazing success we are having at the Pee Wee and Bantam levels is indicating to us that we are on the right track and our redesigned 8 and Under program should only increase the level of success in the years to come.
Thank you,
Watertown Youth Hockey

by posted 03/18/2015
John H. Cassidy Jr. Memorial Scholarship

John H. Cassidy Jr.

Memorial Scholarship

Applications Due April 13, 2015




by Lisa Magee posted 01/18/2015
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